The main purpose of MediCure is to improve the financial support system in the healthcare sector using blockchain technology, promote fair allocation of medical resources, optimize the quality of healthcare services, achieve transparent settlement and payment of medical expenses, and ensure the security and privacy protection of medical data.

$MediCure Supply Strategy Overview

Discover the services offered by Medicure, a virtual currency supporting the healthcare sector through transparent settlement of medical expenses and patient information recording on the blockchain network.

Total Supply
Initial Allocation

In the initial allocation, 20% of MediCure is allocated to the team and founders for project development, promotion, and operation; 30% is allocated to private investors for project startup capital and marketing; 50% of MediCure is distributed to the community and users through public sales and airdrops, aiming to foster community development and user participation.

Community Incentives

In order to incentivize community participation and contribution, MediCure has established a community incentive program. This program includes rewarding outstanding projects and individuals in the healthcare sector, as well as supporting innovation and development in the healthcare field.
MediCure adopts a decentralized governance model where community members can participate in project decisions through voting and proposals, ensuring transparency and fairness in project governance.

Governance Model

About Us

Welcome to medicure, a virtual currency revolutionizing the healthcare sector. Our blockchain network ensures transparent settlement of medical expenses through smart contracts. With a focus on fair distribution of resources and optimization of services, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the healthcare industry.